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DB15+ DB18 Speaker Pack

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With our Double 15” and Horns + Double 18” Subs Speaker package, your party is sure to be a hit. With 1200 watts from our EV Eliminators, and a solid 2000 WATTS worth of deep bass from our double 18” EV KW Subs, the dance floor is sure to be full all night. Just plug in you DJ gear and your ready to party.

The Double 15” and Horns + Double 18” Subs Speaker package comes with 2 x EV Eliminators, 2 x EV KW Subs, 1 x L2400 Amplifier, 1 x L3000 Amplifier, 1 x Behringer CX2310 X-Over, 4 x Speakon leads, 3 x Console leads & power leads.

If you don’t have your own DJ set up, why don’t you HIRE one. For only an extra $160 you can get a ready to go DJ coffin with 2 x Pioneer CDJ1000, and 1 x Pioneer DJM800.